Lando Norris’ esports team announces official streaming partner as Elgato

Lando Norris, the founder of the organization Quadrant, has been developing his brand through the gaming content and esports world. Now, Elgato has been revealed as the official streaming partner of the Quadrant organization.

Quadrant provides a platform for numerous content creators of different games, also comprising Warzone aficionado Fifakill, who worked hard up the way to be top Warzone Players across the world. On the 10th of September, a long-lasting partnership was revealed with Elgato, a provider of audio-visual technology. This collaboration is called a “natural fit,” marks the first official partnership of Quadrant as they are looking forward to encouraging their standing for a long period in the space.

With a wide range of products comprising lighting, capture devices, webcams, interface decks,  microphones, Elgato will “unseal the merged audience of the esteemed talent team of the channel.”

The Chief Sporting Officer at Quadrant, Jamie MacLaurin, said: “While announcing Elgato as Quadrant’s first major official partner,  we really are excited for this. This brand, Elgato, is synonymously concerned with content creation and stream covering the globe, and we are delighted to have their board experience and knowledge. This collaboration is evidence of the team’s hard work over the past 10 months, and it is difficult to wait to see creative content creations produced by this collaboration.

Tom Hildreth, senior partnerships manager of Elgato, commented upon the same emotion:” After observing them closely at the end of 2020, since their formation, it has been proven by them that they aren’t terrified of creating unique, content of high quality and trying new things. With the enhancement of talented content creators, a well-built brand, Quadrant is something we are excited to be working and supporting with.”