New esports podcast announced by Nerd Street Gamers

Nerd Street Gamers, an esports infrastructure company, have decided to partner with Jacob Wolf (a journalist).

There will be an eight-episode investigative collaboration between the 2 entities which they will release in 2022. Overcome, which is the new company dealing with video and audio production, will get its first project with this collaboration. Esports storytelling content and independent gaming will be the main focusing topic of this newly launched company.

“To support innovations, talent, and growth in this industry is the main area of our focus,” said John Fazio, who happens to be the Founder and CEO of the Nerd Street Gamers. “By partnering with the Overcome and Jacob, we are going to support the talent that will help this industry grow.”

“Ethical journalism is the vital part for growth of esports and by backing Journalists like Jacob, we hope to help them. This is just the start of this journey.”

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Jacob will work as a chief reporter at the Nerd Street Gamers.  At Dot Esports, he will also work as the main Investigative Lead.

“I had the privilege of covering the Esports over the last 7 years.” Said Jacob Wolf, Executive Producer and Founder of Overcome. “I take delight in saying that I have reported the esports events and seen its evolution over years”.

Although the industry has grown significantly, the art of storytelling and journalism remained unchanged. With the partnership with Nerd Street and Overcome, I hope to change the stories related to sports in a way that everyone loves reading them and understands them.

Wolf has worked for many Leagues and others such as esports forger Joshua Mullins. Jacob has worked with ESPN before he rejoined Dot Esports in January. He used to write news features, breaking news, appear on video shows for ESPN. While Jacob Wolf was working for ESPN, he won the Journalist of the Year Award in 2018 and has been nominated this year for the same title.