Playstation ‘State of play’ event starts next Thursday

Sony has remained pretty silent in recent months after skipping E3 this year. But they’ve come back with a bang, releasing the PlayStation 4 Pro and its accompanying game library to press for review.

Most high-end games are now coming to the console, but Sony has also announced that future Pro releases will be all about HDR and 4K gaming. Not only that but there will be an update to the PS4 itself that enhances graphics on regular 1080p screens.

But don’t worry if you’re not ready just yet; Sony is also introducing something called ‘Boost Mode’ which should lessen some of the strain of running 4K visuals on older hardware.

While the system is supposed to improve things for lesser hardware, it’s a bit unclear what kind of impact Boost Mode will have on performance. Some games may get a boost in frame rates, while others might be limited to 30 FPS. It’s also unclear if this will have any effect on older games that already have higher framerates than the base PS4.

The good news is that Boost Mode will get activated automatically without users having to do anything.

It’s also been announced that some of the best games from the last generation won’t just be coming to the PlayStation 4 Pro, but will be receiving free patches with support for 4K and HDR.