Popular Ibai and Piqué purchase a Superliga spot with AstralisSB

After finalizing the purchase of the Astralis Stormbringers spot, which was just promoted to the Superliga after defeating the Emonkeyz squad, Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos and soccer pro-Gerard Piqué will have a Superliga team next season.

Ibai Llanos is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with over 1.4 million followers. The Spanish streamer has been organizing charity events for several years now, where he brings top-level talent to Madrid to play CS: GO with their favorite local pros.

The eSports Winter League 2017 event organized by Llanos, was one of its kind in Spain and featured an impressive amount of players from all around the world including some big names like Robin “ropz” Kool, Kevin “HS” Tarn or João “Horvy” Horvath.

Despite being primarily known for his work on the streaming platform, Llanos is also a very accomplished player in many titles, including Counter-Strike where he was the only Spaniard to win a LAN in Turkey with Alientech.

But despite being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Llanos has not been able to make it back onto the professional CS: GO scene. He did get an offer to join an international roster that also included Luís “luddee” Roldán, but instead of signing with them, he decided to go back to streaming.

Llanos has long been a fan of the esports scene and made no secret about his goals to get back into the competitive world of CS: GO, where he had some success in the middle of 2015. After getting 5th-6th at ESWC and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, Ibai Llanos decided to end his CSGO career.

Since then, he has focused on streaming and organizing charity events while taking on side projects like football club Alientech or publishing a book about CSGO. However, he is still very open to the idea of getting back into competitive play and admits that there is more than enough talent in Spain to do so again.