Abios joins forces with LeoVegas

Abios, an esports data and technology firm, has announced a partnership with LeoVegas Group, a Swedish supplier of mobile gaming, sports betting, and online casino services.

The parties will work together to offer an esports-focused gambling service, which will provide LeoVegas and other mobile and online casino license holders with access to Abios’s esports data product. According to the partners, this new partnership will enable mobile and online casinos, including LeoVegas, to offer “excellent odds” on a myriad of competitive games.

“LeoVegas is delighted by this partnership with Abios because we want our players to enjoy their experience in an environment where competition is fair, and everyone can win. The Abios platform will allow us to offer excellent odds on all games offered on the LeoVegas online casino. Combining our know-how of gambling with Abios’ robust analytics will give our players the edge they need to win,” stated LeoVegas CEO Johan Carlsson.

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By offering users more of an advantage in the world of gambling, Abios hopes that it will ultimately lead to more consumers choosing their mobile and online casinos over other competitors. As such, this partnership with LeoVegas is just the latest step in a solid pattern for Abios, which has already signed several large partners, including Pinnacle Sports and Konami Gaming.

“Abios is pleased to be working with LeoVegas, an experienced operator with great ambitions for the online casino market in Sweden. This partnership further increases the credibility and professionalism of our company in the industry. We hope to work with other operators, as well,” Abios CEO, Anders Larsson added.

With its continued success in the gaming industry, Abios looks to solidify its presence as a reputable source for esports data.


Abios is an esports data and technology company that provides a wide range of esports products for all stakeholders within esports; including teams, brands, media companies, and event organizers. Abios products are used by more than 15,000 esports teams worldwide. Working with Abios can benefit any business interested in sports betting, mobile gaming, or esports markets.