WePlay Academy League Season 1 grand final is won by Mouz NXT

After a tough struggle in Season 1 of the WePlay Academy Competition, mouz NXT has been crowned champions of the first league built especially for academy teams. The final match against the team from mousesports lasted for 19 minutes and saw Mouz NXT take the victory.

With tight gameplay, Moonduck playing with an iron will Mouz NXT pulled through to become champions of WePlay Academy Season 1. It was a close battle and, overall, a good fight for those involved. One might say that this competition was exciting and it is worth looking forward to what happens next season! With so much going on in such little time, it is hard to imagine that we are already into the third week of February, which means that in just over 2 months, we’ll be entering the second league season.

As for the first season of the WePlay Academy, mousesports took a close second. Even though they lost against Mouz NXT, it is still impressive to see mousesports in playoffs for Season 1. It is a testament to how much hard work by everyone involved in the Academy. This hopefully will encourage other organizations to take steps to create Academy events.

The WePlay Academy League will be back in almost 2 months in March. For now, we will be focusing on other competitions and tournaments like the ESL One Genting Minor and ESL One Katowice Major. We will also be looking into other events from WePlay and other organizations.

The following teams have been qualified to the Season 2 of WePlay Academy:

  • EVOS Esports
  • OG Dota2
  • mousesports Dota2 – Academy Team
  • Vega Squadron Dota 2 – Academy Team

You’ll be able to watch the teams battle it out in Season 2 of the WePlay Academy League. The action starts on March 12th and will have some great prizes! It looks like February is just a prelude to what is bound to be a great competition.