2021 Gamescom Livestream – What To Expect

Gamescom isn’t known for its innovative and exciting future gaming events, but it has kept up with the competition; this is one of the biggest gaming conferences of the year. So if you love gaming and want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the industry, you better watch the Livestream on YouTube live. This must be the best thing happening to the gamers as this might open up to the new world and new technology of the games.

Livestream 2021 will begin today at 10.30 AM (PST)/ 7.30 PM (CEST) on the famous YouTube and Twitch channels platform. Get ready to enjoy the pre-show panel for 30 minutes. The show’s best thing is that it will feature Geoff Keighley and co-host Natasha Becker from GameStar.


The viewers are already excited and are looking forward to the Livestream. They can expect new reveal trailers, and of course, the particular focus is set on Indie games during live stream 2021. Xbox fans can expect a closer look into Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinity. In contrast, destiny two fans will get a sneak peek into the game’s next expansion, The Witch Queen, and many other updates from the Xbox Game studios. The fans will never get disappointed and will focus on the Livestream.

Gamescom 2021 complete schedule. The schedule is the final one and is not expected to change much.

August 24th

  • Destiny Showcase: 9:00 AM P.T
  • Xbox Showcase : 10:00 AM P.T

August 25th

  • Opening Night Live Pre-Show 10:30 AM P.T
  • Opening Night Live 11 AM P.T

August 26th

  • Dying Light 2 Showcase: 11:00 AM P.T
  • Gamescom Show 11:30 AM P.T
  • GamesRadar: Future Games Live : 1:00 PM P.T

August 27th

  • GameScoop Showcase & Gamescom studio (EN): 10:00 AM P.T