Valorant makes major changes in episode 3 including rank reset and fairer matches

With the release of Episode Three of VALORANT on June 22, the ranked competitive mode will undergo a number of modifications. On a developer livestream today, competitive designer Jon “EvrMoar” Walker spoke with caster Rivington Bisland III about the upcoming improvements, which include a rank reset and changes to how ranks are computed.


Walker noted during the webcast that when the game first came out, the developers had a mechanism in place that altered matchmaking rating (MMR) depending on the number of games played in order to get players into the correct ranks as quickly as possible. After more than a year, the team has decided that the system is no longer needed and has been withdrawn. According to the developers, matchmaking accuracy has improved by 50% in the lower rankings.

In terms of rank adjustment, following a defeat, there will be “less harsh” penalties to rank rating, thus instead of losing 20 to 30 rating points after a single tough loss, players will be more likely to lose 15 to 20. However, as Walker pointed out, this will almost certainly result in a longer process when it comes to gaining ranks.

With each new episode of VALORANT, the ranks are reset, requiring participants to play five placement matches to determine their position. The maximum placement ranking has been raised from Platinum Three to Diamond One, making it easier for Immortal-plus players to progress.

Because to the enormous number of Immortal players, the Immortal rank is gaining three places back. Immortals One, Two, and Three, on the other hand, will not be added until Act Two of Episode Three.

The third episode will premiere on June 22.