CS:GO player count vs Valorant is Valorant close?

Valorant has been a huge hit in esports since its inception. The game borrows elements from hero shooters, yet its fundamental gameplay is eerily similar to CSGO. Many aspects of the game are comparable to those of CS:GO, and the gunplay in particular can feel very similar. Both games are comparable in terms of popularity, but which is more popular?

The player count in CSGO vs Valorant might help determine which game is more popular, we can also take a look at Valorant betting sites and check the most popular. Riot has already amassed a sizable player base, but how do they stack up in a direct comparison?

It’s never easy to figure out a game’s exact player base. There are numerous stats available, such as sales, total player counts, and peak online players. None of these are perfect, but we can get a very good picture of popularity using these data. Especially when you factor in competitive play and esports betting for those who want to watch but not play. We can see if Valorant is comparable to CSGO in terms of popularity by looking at the player numbers.

We can look at the metrics accessible right now by looking at the CSGO vs Valorant player count. Valorant now has a monthly player base of roughly 14 million. At least, that’s what Riot Games announced about their current player count. During the game’s early days, it reached a peak of 3 million users online at the same time. The number of current active players has decreased over time, but that is to be expected in any game. Valorant will fluctuate quite a little from time to time, even with regular updates. It’s difficult to say the game has reached its height when new material can constantly entice gamers to return. The fact that there are still 14 million monthly subscribers is also impressive.

The current monthly player count for CSGO is 26.9 million. This is more than twice the number of players in Valorant. However, determining how much time such gamers spend in the game is difficult. So this isn’t really a test of whether Valorant is superior to CS:GO.

According to Steamcharts, CSGO had roughly 700,000 daily players on average over the last year, peaking at around 1.3 million.


To synchronise both titles in terms of active service, we simply use the previous year as a statistic. Valorant is still fairly young in comparison to the competitors. This indicates that the player base still has a lot of room for expansion. Both Fortnite and Warzone took a long time to reach their peak player numbers. So this isn’t the final word on the CS vs Valorant player count; it’s just how the two games are currently looking.

Both Valorant and CSGO have a sizable competitive following. Comparing the player counts of CSGO and Valorant is only one approach to do so. We may also examine esports viewership to see how popular certain games are to both watch and play.

For FPS aficionados, CSGO remains the most popular esports, with the most active community and followers. Shroud’s specialised stream and co-streaming partners enabled recent Valorant VCT events to reach a peak of 740,000 viewers. When compared to a CSGO event, the most popular event in the previous year attracted 596,000 viewers.

This suggests that both games are nearly comparable in terms of player bases. However, like with the other metric, Valorant is still rapidly expanding in this area. Their audience is increasing, and there is a lot more interest in things like Valorant betting. You should bear in mind that, in comparison to Valorant, CSGO has a more consistent esports environment with a lot more activity going on every day, therefore the viewer count is more evenly distributed.

Finally, Valorant and CSGO are popular games, and it will be interesting to see where they go next. It’s a battle of old vs. new, and only time will tell if Valorant can outperform CSGO in terms of popularity.