Betway announces 65 million views on esports based content

On the brand’s esports YouTube channel, leading online esports bookmaker Betway and its esports team have surpassed a stunning 65 million views.

The channel’s material extends from CSGO gameplay such as tutorials and in-game challenges to personality material such as Him or Me and Voice Enable 0. It has an incredible 215k followers, which puts it ahead of the competition. The most popular video, “How Many Hours Do You Have In CSGO?” from Betway’s CSGO Pros Answer series, has 1,524,049 views.

The YouTube channel’s view time has surpassed 3 million hours thanks to a slew of well-known faces and personalities. Betway’s content provides knowledge and information that other betting companies do not provide or see.

“We are proud to attain this significant milestone, but this is only the beginning,” said Adam Savinson, who represents Betway’s Esports division. The fantastic work that Betway’s content team is doing is pushing us towards even bigger milestones, and we can’t wait to reach them!”