Elephants announce r0tK as COACH

On March 31, Elephant Entertainment-DotA2 Club’s official Weibo announced that rOtK had joined the team as a coach; the following is a translation of the original weibo:

Elephant eSports Club has made the following changes following a friendly consultation between the two parties and extensive internal communication.


Bai Fan (ID: rOtK) has returned to Elephant eSports Club as the head coach of the DOTA2 team, effective immediately. As a player, the old captain rOtK won numerous championships with the club, and as a coach, the team has also earned good achievements in international events under his guidance. This time, the ancient mountain captain has joined us, and I am confident that he will lead the Elephant squad to greater heights!

Elephant’s Current Line-Up:

  • Chengjun “Eurus” Zhang
  • Yao “SomnusM” Lu
  • Zhou, Haiyang “Yang”
  • Linsen Xu (FY)
  • Ru Zhihao “Redpanda”
  • Hang “Hide” Dong, manager
  • Fan “rOtK” Bai is the coach.
  • Zezhi “Xz” Chen, assistant coach
  • Xiaojiong “Dxh” Wu is a data analyst.

Elephant had been rumoured to be adjusted after the first Major, and they are now relieved to have rOtK. Looking forward to the old captain assisting the “Galactics” in reclaiming their glory!