Crypto-giant ‘Coinbase’ partners with Blast Premier

The BLAST Premier esports league for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has named Coinbase as its newest sponsor for the competition’s upcoming Spring Season.

Coinbase plans to use the collaboration to bring the world of esports closer to cryptocurrency through activations and player-driven content, according to the press release.

Coinbase branding can be used in the Spring Showdown, which runs from April 13th to 18th, as well as the Spring Finals, which run from June 15th to 20th.

The cryptocurrency network, which was created in 2012, will fund BLAST Premier’s broadcast segment “The Economy Play,” which features analysts dissecting and debating rounds in between matches. Coinbase will have its logo on the caster’s backdrop, as well as in-game animated branding and sponsor bars.

Coinbase joins the esports competition’s other sponsors, including EPOS, Shikenso Analytics, and CS.MONEY.

“Both esports and cryptocurrencies have a good association with technology and innovation,” said Oliver Clarke, BLAST’s Head of Brand Partnerships. BLAST Premier is watched by a global audience that is renowned for being tech-savvy.

“We’re excited to see how fans react to the clean, stable, and world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

The news comes after Evil Geniuses, a North American esports company, teased a future jersey collaboration with Coinbase on Twitter earlier this week.