VALORANT Champions Tour announces partnerships

For the 2021 VALORANT competition season, Riot Games announced numerous broadcast collaborations.

Riot partners in Europe, CIS and Turkey with Freaks 4U Gaming & SPORTFIV

The German manufacturing company Freaks 4U Gaming, in combination with the Riot, coordinated and broadcast in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Turkey a competitive season of 2021 with VALORANT. Freaks 4U Gaming’s relationship with Riot builds on an established German-speaking League of Legends co-operation.

SPORTFIVE entertainment agency supplements the relationship as a full marketing partner for the VALORANT Champions Tour stages in the above listed areas, the “Challenger Finals,” and Last Chance Qualifiers stages.

Daniel Ringland, Head of Valorant Sports for Europe and Mena at Riot Games, spoke about a collaboration in a release: “To bring VALORANT Esports to Europe, Turkey and CIS the future, we cannot be more excited to start our partnership with the Freaks 4U Gaming and SPORTFIVE. They both bring to the table a wealth of experience, skills and passion. I’m sure we create something that fans like together.”

Freaks 4U Gaming will also locate broadcasts in German and French in addition to creating the main broadcasts across each territory.

“To be in charge of the marketing mandate for one of the hottest esports titles in the upcoming years is an absolute pleasure for us. Thomas Ottl, SPORTFIVE Global Esports Managing director added: We are excited to open up a unique opportunity to brands with our experience and our global sales force to become top-level partners. We are also excited and are a big next move in our relationship to expand our portfolio through our collaboration with Freaks 4U Gaming and Riot Games.”

Italian broadcasts Riot Partners with ProGaming Italia

Riot Games has also today announced its partnership for the promotion of Valorant in Italy with ProGaming Italia which encompasses the exclusive rights of all international competitions in the Italian-speaking manufacturing sector.
Broadcasts to the Challengers, Masters and Champions are to cover the three stages of the Valorant Champions Tour in Italy.