FIFA 2021 Wonder Kids vs. Real-Life Performance Review

There is no doubt that every football fan is in love with wonder kids and patiently wait for them to perform in real-life matches. But while some wonder kids perform really well, the others cannot meet fans’ expectations.

When FIFA announces the launch of these hidden gems in real-life matches, they release the Future Stars player card for each player. These cards include statistics that help fans understand what they can expect.

Numerous factors affect these kids’ talent and quality. Below, we will discuss how these kids’ performance was different from the statistics and how their performance affects the entire teams’ efficiency.

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold

This 22-year old made 21 appearances playing for Liverpool.  At the same time, he is the first player in the Premier League to miss 12 attempts in a game. While his initial rating in FIFA 21 is 87 with potential rating as 92, he is one of the best for right backs and for full position. Numerous factors do affect his performance which makes betting on wonder kids in the context of e-sports so interesting. Experts are considering him as one of the best but the score board for Premier League does not agree. He only stands with a single goal in his 21 matches.

  • Vinícius Jr.

This Real Madrid wonder kid has the best potential to growth. According to the ratings by FIFA 21, he will grow 13 points before the event. With initial points as 80, Vinicius has the potential to rise up to 93. Since the first debut match, he was able to satisfy the coach’s expectations. He is a natural winger and a secondary striker under some formations. His accurate shootings are astonishing and can amaze the crowd.

  • Lautaro Martinez

This Argentinean kid had the most amazing start at Inter Milan in 2018. He is one of the strikers alongside Romelu Lukaku. Right now, Martinez stands with 16 goals against his competitor in only 30 games. Even in Serie A, Lautaro is standing at 21 goals dominating Juventus. This brings Inter in second place, three points below AC Milan. Lautaro Martinez’s current performance is extra-ordinary right now. Analytics show that Martinez has the potential to be a star in the upcoming future. We can expect a lot more from Lautaro Martinez in FIFA 21 because of his gradual progress. He has remarkable points in contrast to the other wonder kids that can lead him for the title and support his team.

  • Kai Havertz

With the initial rating as 85, Kai appear to be the main attention for FIFA 21. He has fine dribbling skills with amazing potential for growth. According to FIFA, his potential rating is 93, which is currently one of the best. However, it is hard to conclude the performance he will show. The best quality of this wonder kid is assistance, other than scoring. With only 21 appearances in the matches, he was able to assist seven times and scored two goals all alone. His performance so far is exceptional.

Kai has offensive game play. He benefits most due to his height, which is 6’1’’, allowing him to take control over his opponents. However, he can boost his performance if he works on his passing skills.


Expectations for wonder kids may rise or fall according to their performance. However, you need to bet on players that you can be sure of. Playing according to the audiences’ expectations can be challenging for many new kids. Betting on wonder kids can be an arduous task. After all, you need to analyze their performance and potential to maintain their ratings in FIFA21. You need to consider their performance when betting on your favorite team in 2021.