Best esports teams drop in value in 2020

The average value of the top 10 eSports teams flowed at $240 million in 2020, following a 54 percent rise in 2019, according to the research data analyzed and released by Safe Betting Platforms. It was $188 million of the median value.

But the eSport scene has been rising dramatically in recent years. In 2020, four of the top 10 teams were rated at more than $300 million on the basis of a Visual Capitalist survey. Just one in 2018 had a valuation of 300 million dollars.

TSM generated 50% of 2020 eSports revenue, 100 thieves 35%, FaZe Clan 20%.

In 2020, formerly named Team SoloMid, TSM overcame the charts with an evaluation of $410 million. This was a 3% rise compared to 2019. Cloud 9 was second at 350 million dollars, down 13% from 400 million dollars in 2019. Team Liquid has fallen 3% year on year by $310 million (YoY). With $305 million, FaZe Clan was fourth, up 27 percent in 2019 from $240 million. 100 Thieves were fifth at $190 million, up from $160 million by 19percent YoY.

The top-ten teams have diversified over and beyond eSports. TSM only produced 50% of its eSports revenue, whereas the remainder was provided by Blitz. Just 20% of the eSports and 80% of videos on their stars and gaming culture have been created by Faze Clan Meanwhile, 100 Thieves accounted for 35% of their eSports sales. The remainder came from his studio and training center, and 2Hype begins on YouTube.

The only teams in the top-five of post-appraisal decreases were Team Liquid and Cloud Nine. 89% and 70% of the revenues generated by eSports, respectively.

Esports are still far from conventional sports. The lowest-value NFL team, to show that the top 10, was $2.0 billion, compared to $150 million.