Will the KFCConsole be used in esports?

What began as a fun ad – a non-existent KFConsole – has appeared to come to life.

The KFConsole was “announced” in June of this year, promising resolutions of 120fps up to 4K and “incomprehensive power on the Zinger processor chip of 11Ghz.”

Just hours after the launch, 11m organic impressions were received on the global Twitter site on KFC Gaming Twitter.

At the time, when EsportsJunkie.com tested if it was a reality, we were told that it was not a true console. So it just seemed a little fun, a sweet promotional stunt.

KFC Gaming has officially released the KFConsole, along with Cooler Master, half a year later.

The bargain bucket-shaped PC is ‘the world’s first chicken chamber,’ which is designed to keep its contents warm and ready for games.

The internal cooling system has been engineered with the intention of removing heat from the outside of your chicken chamber, to ensure the hardware is maintained on a standard core heat while keeping a meal warm at the same time.

Influencers such as the UK League of Legends personality Foxdrop were involved in the campaign.

So here’s what the deal is? Is it true, in fact? When does it start?

Is The KFC-Console true?

Oddly enough, indeed.

The team behind the press campaign was reached by Esports News UK, and a spokesman told us: ‘We can confirm the presence of the KFConsole.’

“We’re happy to finally give the fans exactly what they wanted to make the KFConsole a reality,” adds Mark Cheevers, PR & Social Media Chief, KFC UK & Ireland, to the KFCs.

KFConsole: Where to shop and to purchase

Unfortunately, it appears that the KFCConsole has become unavailable, similar to the PS5.

So this year Santa won’t send any KFConsoles, but maybe more in 2021. There’ll be more news.