Who Are The Best Game Streamers To Watch in 2021?

If you’re into gaming, then chances are you will already be following streamers on platforms such as Twitch and will have your favourites who you log in to watch play time and time again.

While Twitch – a video streaming platform that players use to stream live feeds of their gameplay isn’t as big as its other social media counterparts such as Instagram and Facebook. It is steadily rising in popularity – April 2020 saw a 101% year on year viewership growth and popular streamers on the site are building up a huge follower base. Users can live stream, watch other streamers or chat with like-minded individuals on the popular platform.

Some people like to casually stream while they are doing something else on their computer such as playing casino slots, or checking the odds for different esports events like on this site while other people like to stream their favourite streamers direct to their phone on their way to work.

You can find a wide range of streams with players streaming their gameplay of various games so there truly is something for everyone.

So who are the top streamers you need to be looking out for as we head into 2021?


Kevin “SallyIsADog” Dollhopf has seen a huge influx of followers since August 2020 amassing over 90,000. Kevin specializes in CoD tips and tricks. With such rapid growth in a short space of time, SallyIsADog is definitely one streamer to keep an eye on in 2020. And to be clear, Sally actually is a dog!


BotezLive is hosted by sisters Alexandra and Andrea. They have seen a recent boom in followers amassing over 410,000 subs with 100,000 followers since August 2020. You can catch the sisters playing live chess games and virtual as well as popular games such as Among Us and Valorant.


JustaMinx was formerly Rajjchellor and gained popularity appearing as a guest on the Austin Show. With refreshing honesty and willingness to do and say anything, she is fast gaining credibility and a huge following on Twitch. A recent growth spurt on the channel saw her go from 180,000 followers to 492,000 in under three months.


Currently sitting atop of many most-watched streamers of 2020, TimTheTatman is somewhat of an icon. He has nearly 5 million followers on Twitch alone, and you can watch him play Fortnite, Overwatch and CoD. When you are at the top, you have to be doing something right, making TimTheTatman one you need to watch going into 2021.


Playing Fortnite, Minecraft amongst others, Rubius is rumoured to be one of the highest earners on Twitch raking in around $135,000 per video. to be making this kind of money, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on this streamer to see how they expand on their popularity in 2021

Top Streamers for 2021

With many content creators looking for new avenues to share their content, it goes without saying that as more and more people tune into live streamers many up and coming accounts have the potential to really hit the big time when it comes to attracting those all-important view counts and followers for their live streams. No matter what type of games you enjoy to play yourself, you can be sure to find a live streamer to follow and help you with those all-important tips and tricks to help you enhance your own gameplay.