Kinguin and Ultimate Gamer announces multi-year parntership

Ultimate Gamer has confirmed a multi-year collaboration with the Kinguin esports marketplace.

Kinguin will allow users of the platform to access the 45,000 gaming titles as a result of the partnership in the online shop, Ultimate Gamer. The collaboration will also deliver more stimuli by providing discounts on Kinguin items as prizes to players’ competitors at the Ultimate Gamer Arena.

“Ultimate Gamer with its 1.6m base of fans has done a tremendous job in offering value for its audience and we could not be excited anymore about this strategic collaborative work with UG,” said the Kinguin Founder and CEO, Viktor Romaniuk Wanli.

“Our joint efforts are going to bring our fans of more than 60m to exclusive experiences and many exclusive gifts and offers for the new blockbusters games.

Kinguin and Ultimate Gamer are both working together on a range of content focused on player improvement, providing a selection of tips and concentrating on the “Best Spieler of the Earth” competition for Ultimate Gamer. The global competition is scheduled to start in 2021, with a $1 million prize (£746,665).