Panda Global Announces latest ‘PGStats’, data beta

As part of its initiative, Panda Global has announced a closed beta for a battle game analysis platform and website.

The platform is intended to use machine vision and learning to process and analyze Super Smash Bros’ data. Ultimate and Melee.

PGstats will rely on near 30,000 VODs and historical data for its AI from tens of thousands of tournaments. PGstats AI, called “PandaCV,” stores, processes, and analyses the data supplied for a range of purposes.

Closed beta participants will be able to access player, character, ranking, and tourney features and data along with support the PGstats team to enhance the way the website supports its users.

“ is the beginning of Panda’s big-scale project for sports to be more complete and based on data consumption and analysis, something sports fans have desired over the years but never met,” said Dr. Alan Bunney, CEO of Panda Esports.

Jack Moore, Director of Growth for PGStats, said “ is a member of an esports initiative to encourage a more intelligent scene, which is much more knowledgeable and curious about the inner functioning of the games they play.”