Casemiro Launches CS:GO Team as Soccer’s Links to eSports Grow

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the biggest games in eSports right now and fans who follow the action can expect to see a new team name emerge on the scene in the coming weeks. HLTV recently confirmed the launch of CaseEsports, a brand that is likely to attract plenty of attention and interest due to its links to a top soccer star.

High hopes

The website revealed that Real Madrid player and Brazilian international Casemiro chose to create the team out of his sheer passion for CS: GO – something that has been on the show when he has played the game alongside teammates including Neymar.

CaseEsports features an all-Brazilian lineup including the likes of Denis ‘dzt’ Fischer and Paulo ‘land1n’ Felipe, but it is expected that they will be based in Spain. According to HLTV, the hope is that the team will be able to rise through the ranks in the domestic CS: GO scene and then become a force at an international level. HLTV added that it is anticipated that the side will also feature in the qualifiers for the DreamHack Open December, so it will be interesting to see just what they are capable of.

Unstoppable rise

The announcement of the new team is interesting for several reasons, but it seems to particularly reflect how eSports is seemingly on an unstoppable rise at the moment. 

The industry is generating massive revenues and securing major sponsorship deals, with a good example of the latter being reports from Dexerto that Guild eSports has secured a multi-million pound deal with a major fintech company. eSports is also attracting plenty of attention in terms of betting, with many sites now offering odds on competitions. Some brands are even specializing in the area too, with for instance, revolving its whole service around eSports betting. The site is part of the group and also features a Discord community. This in itself is validation that eSports has become a major player within the sporting community.

However, the launch of CaseEsports also shows how eSports has developed a strong connection to soccer in recent times.

For instance, it is not uncommon to see stars take part in major events, as Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold recently won a FIFA 21 tournament. Plenty of other players have also got involved in eSports teams too, with Gareth Bale co-owning Ellevens Esports. Many clubs have also embraced the issue, with Paris St Germain even developing a whole department devoted to it. The PSG.LGD team finished third in the 2019 edition of the prestigious Dota 2 tournament The International.

More to come?

Overall, it is fascinating to see yet another big name from the world of sport embraces competitive gaming. CaseEsports are likely to attract a lot of attention and hopes will be high that they will be able to make significant progress within the CS: GO world.

However, is Casemiro likely to be the last soccer star we see getting involved in eSports? Considering the relationship between the two sports, it may well be the case that many more big names join the fun in the years to come.