Ghost Gaming aquired by Atlanta Ownership Group

Atlanta Ownership Company is the purchased U.S-based esports corporation Ghost Gaming, which will transfer its offices and operations to Atlanta in its acquisition process from Irvine, California.

Andrew Steinberg, founder and managing partner at Phoenix Capital Ventures and Todd Harris, co-founder of Hi-Rez Studios and CEO of Skillshot Media, is heading up the owner company, which includes a number of Atlanta-based investors.

In reference to the group’s Ghost Gaming acquisition, Steinberg commented: “We are pleased to offer Atlanta a fantastic global company.

“Ghost Gaming is the core of gameplay and lifestyle. Atlanta has rapidly become the epicenter. Our goal is to create an inclusive brand of the games lifestyle reflective of Atlanta’s vibrant, innovative community.

The official release indicates that the aim is to broaden the footprint of Ghost Gaming in Atlanta by adding 10 additional posts in the business as well as helping existing employees and players in the organization.

“I think it’s the entertainment future for esports, while Atlanta is the Esports Future,” Todd Harris said. “Esport is the most coveted and hardest-to-reach audience of the brands today – the digital native for cord-cutting. In Atlanta you can find the sporting city of game firms, venues, facilities, and staff, and culture.

However, the Georgia Economic Development Department states that this move highlights ‘state investments in developing talent and an esports ecosystem in Georgia’ but also highlights the need to provide correct financial information.

“There are problems facing coronavirus to cancel live events, online sports audiences are on a record high in the world, and sporting companies still prefer the Metro Atlante and prosper here.” Grant Wainscott, the Vice President of the Atlanta Esports Alliance, also praised the announcement:

“We are pleased to welcome Ghost Gaming to join Atlanta Reign, Atlanta FaZe, and Hawks Talon as the fourth big esports team franchise in Metro Atlanta.”