Turkey Esports: CS:GO Collegiate League with FaceIT

Gaming has partnered with the online tournament platform FACEIT to launch CS: GO League in Turkey as a collegiate business.

The announcement will formalize the 2018 thriving CS: GO college scene in Turquie.

The College Esports League Turkey, which begins the upcoming Fall study semi-annual, will be the first tournament under the collaboration through the agreement. Turkish universities can already create FACEIT platform teams and student groups around the contest.

Gaming already plans to fire up the college League of Legends competitions in Turkey in 2021, according to a statement.

Serhat Bekdemir, Head of Gaming Esports in Turkey and IESF Commissioner for Education for Esport and Youth Leadership, said that “Our success has had an impact on the Turkish college in recent years. But under one platform, we could not unify the efforts.

“FACEIT gives us the best chance to bring student gamers under one platform and create strong chances to become professionals in the game as well as in the industry.”