Just How Similar are Esports and Gambling?

Traditional gaming as we know it is changing, with the rise of online casinos and esports transforming the landscape of the industry. In recent years competitive esports gaming has introduced hundreds of thousands of new fans to the world of gaming.

Likewise, online gambling’s inclusion in the wider gaming sector has led to greater engagement in the sector and even sparked gaming giants such as Nintendo to get involved in the online gambling market.

On the surface it may appear that online casino gambling and esports have share little in common, but nothing could be further from the truth. Read on to find out what these two gaming sub genres share in common and how those similarities have helped them to flourish.

Audience Demographics

The perception of gamblers is that they are often of retirement age with plenty of spare time and cash to spend on gambling. This might be true of traditional land-based gamblers who like to spend their time pulling the reels on Las Vegas slots, but it is not true of the average player on an online casino.

The vast majority of online gamblers fall into the 18 to 34 bracket and enjoy their gambling on the go from their mobile device. Unlike online gambling, esports has no age restrictions so fans tend to be slightly younger than their online casino counterparts.

Regardless, both genres enjoy a fairly young following which has helped them to flourish. Esports and online gambling are at the forefront of technology and having a fanbase that is comfortable with modern technology has certainly helped both to grow.


Whilst a streamer may get a couple of hundreds of viewers watching them play the campaign mode of a fantasy game, the most popular Twitch streams are of competitive action. It’s human nature to be captivated by competitive action, to live vicariously through the team or person they are supporting.

It’s also human nature to want to show off your skills and battle to be crowned the ‘best’ at something. Online gambling and esports allow people to do just that, whether it be battling it out for the jackpot in a poker tournament or by farming the most kills in Verdansk.

Online gambling and esports allow players to test their skills against the best in the world, or against people of a similar standard to themselves. At the higher levels that streamers operate, fans can watch the world’s greatest going toe to toe in high profile tournaments.

If it’s competition that you’re looking for, look no further than online gambling tournaments or esports competitions.


It is often said that all you need to enjoy gaming is a strong internet connection and a spare couple of hours. If you’re looking to enjoy the best that esports has to offer or online gambling, then that axiom is definitely true.

Blackjack, roulette, slots and poker can all be enjoyed by a responsible adult at an online casino from via a smartphone with just a few taps of the screen. Likewise, all you need to watch the latest esports action is the Twitch app and a decent internet connection.

The fact that online gambling and esports are so accessible has certainly contributed to their growth in popularity in recent years. No specialist devices such as expensive consoles ae needed to enjoy either genre, making them instantly more appealing to wider groups of people.

YouTube Tutorials

If you are serious about improving your poker prowess or increasing your chances of joining FaZe clan then you are likely going to throw yourself into every possible way of getting better. You can achieve these goals by pinpointing your strengths and working on your weaknesses.

Or, you can go to YouTube and watch any of the thousands of streamers on the platform who are producing self-help videos and tutorials. If you love Warzone but keep finding yourself in the Gulag before the first circle, Iceman Isaac and JGOD have dozens of videos that will turn you from Noob to Verdansk killing machine.

Likewise, there are hundreds of poker channels that will help you transform your gameplay at the table. Online gambling and esports propensity to inspire personal player growth has inspired a whole new genre of YouTube tutorial videos.

These not only help to keep people engaged with the games that they are playing, but they also act as a form of organic advertising. Without ever having to spend a penny on marketing campaigns, online casinos and games providers can see interest in their services exponentially grow thanks to YouTube coverage.

Videos like this also act to increase loyalty amongst gamers, which makes them much more likely to continue playing even when a new game comes along.

In Summary

Online casinos and esports may not seem like a match made in heaven from the offset, but under the surface the two genres share an awful lot in common. One key factor behind the success of both is the age of their respective demographics.

Both appeal to younger people who are more au fait with the intricacies of modern technology and indeed prefer to access their multimedia through their smartphones rather than in traditional means.

In the coming years, both genres are forecast to continue their growth to a point where a showcase poker tournament or esports competition could rival major sports events for viewership. Whatever happens though, it is sure to be an exciting ride for online gambling lovers and esports fans.