Germany allows Esports athletes to enter following restrictions

Esports-Bundes Germany (ESBD) has shown that, despite the existing COVID-19 travel ban, athletes can enter Germany.

On October 6th, the German Federal Ministry confirmed a number of exemptions that will allow esports athletes to enter and remain in the country.

The Minister’s ruling clarified that the Gerrman Esports Visa applicable to esports athletes, tournament athletes and a supervisor for esports athletes aged under 18 would be able to enter Germany.

For countries in the European Union along with other countries such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the latest rulings Say access into Germany is allowable.

As of October 14th, individuals looking to enter Germany from countries not on the list such as the United States, Russia, China, or Turkey must provide “ substantial reasons ” in order to be granted entrance.


Hans Jagnow, President of the ESBD, commented on the ruling: “As the ESBD, we have sought to ensure that the significant exceptions to the corona restrictions for professional sports also extend to esports. The Federal Minister of the Interior’s clarification is welcome. This will allow Germany to work with international teams on-site with caution. Teams and promoters will now be able to begin organizing in the months ahead.