Talon Esports announces $2m seed round

Talon Esports, a Hong Kong-based company, announced that after completion of its seed tour it raised $2 million (£1.52 million).

Widus Strategic Investments, EMC Capital, Widus Strategic Investments, and the founder of United Esports’ esports marketing agency, Felix LaHaye participated in the round of funding.

The raised funding will expand the organization’s lifestyle value, as well as expanding into new countries and competitive titles.

The Talon Esports merged in June with the esports arm of the Paris Saint-Germain French football team. The agreement included the creation of the iconic PSG Talon League squad, who qualified for the 2020 world championship successfully.

“Talon’s cross-border ambitions in Asia reflect our own objectives of breaking the boundaries and cross-pollinating innovation across the markets. Jason Park, Chief of Staff Investments for Widus Partners, comments:

“We look forward, by not merely investing, but also providing strategic value, to work closely with Talon’s seasoned management team to support Talón ‘s ambition to become Asia’s number one esports franchise.”