Nike and Outfitter added as NEO apparel partners

Today, NEO revealed that Outfitters and Nike have been joined as joint clothing partners, a company currently participating in the FIFA series.

Outfitters, the “lead implementer for the individualization and refinement of NEO’s team wear” will become a German football and sports gear retailer, according to a statement.

Outfitter initiated collaboration among the three entities according to a statement. Nike will also manufacture other NEO branded products, in addition to jersey products featuring Nike branding in the 2020-21 FIFA season.

Outfitter has previously partnered with the FOKUS CLAN, another FIFA esports team, and Nike is currently working on esports collaborations with a variety of teams, including T1, SK Gaming, Vodafone Giants and the LPL.

During the weekend, NEO introduced the latest roster of FIFA and a new concept kit and key collaborator, anchored by former World Champion Spencer “Gorilla.” In the future, NEO is also going to extend to other activities.

Dan Woods NEO’s Manager added: “We were very cautious in looking for the ideal partner for sportswear, mode, and merchandising and found them in two companies’ duo: Outfitter and Nike after our first season with a lot of sporting success!

“We are very happy that through our relationship with Outfitter we have been able to win Nike as a supplier – the jerseys are very impressive for the next season and are definitely well received by FIFA. In classical sports, but also in sport, Outfitter has proven to fulfill the wishes and requirements of the respective partners with great individuality, versatility, and precision. It’s a lot for us to have these two businesses on our side.