Is Valorant the real killer of CS:GO?

The new game by Riot Games – Valorant has already managed to seduce shooter fans. The company invested a lot of money in the creation of its project and also occupied all advertising platforms. There was a rumor back in 2019 that the game might finally kill the famous CS:GO. But what is the real situation?

Valorant – what are you?

Valorant is a shooter game, which includes the main mode «Bomb defuse». It is similar to the mode with planting and defusing a bomb from CS:GO. It is enough for players to win only 13 rounds to achieve victory and one round lasts for 1 minute and 40 seconds. Generally, it seems that the player will not see anything new. The shortened time makes matches faster but it does not add diversity. The CS developers have counted the perfect time for a round, to which everyone has got used. However, Valorant provides faster matches. Every player can defuse and plant a bomb. This is the shooter’s feature. The developers have created another very interesting approach – three plants and teleports. Innovations are interesting but they are badly realized in practice. Some kind of disbalance can be noticed. There are lots of other features: the voice-over announcer, the shot indicator, the stealth mode, strafes in the air, and many other things. If we compare to CS:GO as the basis, the games are very similar. The Valorant developers have decided to not create the real guns and objects, they have stopped on the artistic graphics. The game looks like live comics with cartoon characters and analogs of some weapons from CS:GO. The economy in both games is very similar too, the difference is that you can see the enemy team’s money in Valorant. An interesting feature is the sale of weapons, which can be very necessary for an eco round. The rest principles are the same in both games. Kill opponents and earn money. Win rounds and make your team richer.

Valorant and CS:GO – the main differences

But what are the differences between these games in the wide sense? The shooter Valorant includes the gaming agents, which can be picked at the very beginning of the round. Every character has their own skills, to which you will have to get used. Skills can be accumulated and you can gain the ultimate skill. It may sound pretty strange but it looks very well in practice. The player can gain extra speed, defensive abilities, and many other things. These skills help to diversify the gameplay. But everyone mainly stays in the old-school classic style, take your gun and kill enemies. The game is becoming competitive with all these differences. But that is not all, the shooter has a powerful anti-cheat system, which works brilliantly now and does not allow cheaters to enter the game. This is probably the game’s main advantage if we compare it to CS:GO.

Is Valorant a killer or not?

Today, the game Valorant has already managed to gather a big audience. Streams with this game are very popular. The game beats records on Twitch and is ahead of its potential competitor. Definitely, the game has its own advantages, it is new, unordinary but there is no balance at the moment. It is clear that initially, the game will have big potential and many fans. The audience is always happy with new games, especially if they look like something old and pretty attractive. It is a matter of time if Valorant manages to “bury” CS:GO. The developers will have to make many things to achieve perfect stability and a good balance. If they do so, the competitiveness will increase by dozens of times. However, as the practice shows, it is very difficult to stay on the list of leaders and only a few can afford this.