Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship Announced

Riot Games is bringing a new wave of excitement in the gaming scene. They have announced the first Teamfight tactics: Galaxies championship. This event is scheduled to take place in the first week of September.

Riot Games reports that since the Teamfight Tactics launch in 2019, it has registered over 33 million players globally. However, regardless of the early momentum, the viewership has drastically fallen on the streaming platform. This bold move can be seen as a bid to strengthen its position on the esport set.

Team fight Tactics: Galaxies Championship

The management of Riot Games wants to reward players for dedicating their time to master TFT. Through the Galaxies Championship, it is adding another goal beyond the top of the ladder. The game provider aims to make the process more inclusive and accessible. Therefore, the competition will be available through in-game ladders and online tournaments.

Since TFT is supported on mobile devices and PC, the competition is likely to be platform-specific. Each participating region has its own set of qualifications to get the best-skilled players. The sixteen players have to battle for a chance to have a share of $200,00 in their regional finals.

The regions competing in the Galaxies Championship include:

  • Europe, CIS, and the Middle East- three players
  • China –three players
  • North America and Oceania- two players
  • Brazil- two players
  • Korea- two players
  • Latin America-two players
  • Turkey-one player
  • Japan- one participant

Teamfight Tactics North America

LoLEsports reports that the North America final was scheduled in the middle of august.  The two-day event narrowed down 16 qualifiers to the final two representing the region at the championship. Riot games leadership remains hopeful that the championship will lay the foundation for the growth of TFT esports in the region.

Although the guidelines of qualifications were not clear, Riot had two methods to determine the qualifiers.


From early May to the end of July, Riot would take a weekly snapshot of the players’ rankings. From there, the top ten players within the twelve weeks qualified for NA finals. Those who made it were announced in late April.

Organized Play

It marked the launch of the beta of the TFT system in NA. Several online tournaments that began in May Allow players to fight for a seat in the NA final. Partner qualifications in June and July created four additional seats.

The Tournament Layout

Now that the 16 players from different regions have been decided, it is time for the tournament. The players will be placed into two lobbies of eight people. Each group will then play five TFT games. From there, the players earn points based on how they perform on the matches. If you feel that you want to gamble, you can grab an exclusive free bet on the game at MFB. With the first player earning eight points, the second place earns even points and so on. 

The first four participants from each lobby with most points move to the next level. On the second day, participants will continue competing until one gets to 18 points. The next win crowns the player the Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Champion. The winner gets a lion share of the awarded prize pool.

The prize pool of $200,000 will split in the following way:

  • First place player-$40,000
  • Second place-$25,000
  • Third place-$18,000
  • Fourth place-$15,000
  • Fifth and sixth-$13,000 each
  • Seventh and eighth-$ 11,000 each
  • Ninth and tenth position-$9,000
  • Eleventh and twelfth place-$7,000
  • Thirteenth and fourteenth-$ 6,000
  • Fifteenth and sixteenth-$5,000

Testing the TFT Set Four

Riot says that there will be a preview of the new set named Fates on the third day of the event. The eight players and League of Legends community will try out this new set for the first time. you can expect the following new aspects in the TFT Fates:

  • A roster of 5 champions
  • A new set of mechanic
  • Different items

Some other aspects such as leveling, buying champions, and the size of the board will remain the same. Little legends are available but in the dragon theme. Besides, expect to find personalization in Fates Pass like Fate game boards and Fate Booms.TFT set of four will go live on the 16th of September with patch 10.19.

Parting Shot

Riot games company is expanding its reach to various regions of the world. Since its launch, it has held three invitational, including the Elements Invitational and League of Legends All-Star. Recently, they have added the Galaxies showcase under their belt. The announcement of the TFT Galaxies Championship indicates their ambition. They are establishing their position in the esports scene. Investing over $200,000 in a new game only shows their commitment to the game. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures in place, the participants will play remotely from their home areas.