ESL’s Latest ‘Co-CEO’ announced as Craig Levine

Craig Levine is named Co-CEO by Tournament organizer ESL who promotes him from Chief Strategy Officer from his previous position.

In addition to Ralf Reichert, Levine succeeds David Neichel as Co-CEO, with Michel representing all of them now as a senior advisor.

Levine held the position of CEO of the North America unit before serving as ESL’s CSO. He was the vice president of the ESS Company and president of the E-Sports Entertainment corporation before joining ESL in 2014, which is the year he began in 2002.

“I couldn’t be excited to have Craig step into this role alongside me, Reichert talked about staff change. Craig has been an ESL leader and a larger family of sports for many years, a crucial contributor to shaping our worldwide development and progress. He loves ESL and sports as much as I am and, given his expertise in the industry, passion for our team, and an in-depth understanding of our strategy, products and fans, it is natural that he should help us to further drive our vision. :

The ESL Chief Financial Officer was appointed Stefan Beitz last month. Initially joined as a controller in October 2008, he spent 11 years working for ProSiebenSat.1. Over the years, he assumed responsibility for the German media company and headed a number of sales departments.

Neichel commented on his change in the role that he would see In a communiqué: “I am very proud of the team’s work over the last three years and extremely happy to turn the Craig over. I am extremely proud of the team’s dedication and the progress it has been creating. I can’t imagine a better leader than him to keep on improving the organization and get it to the next level.