New Football content and esports live streaming service for Dugout

Dugout, A football media company, has announced the launch of its own live broadcast, ‘Dugout Live,’ which offers its global publishers behind-the-scenes and esports content.

Living streams include interviews both before and after the match, live events from training grounds and off-road events, and esports. In addition, the company complements its current and extensive video archive library with live streams from Dugout partner clubs, federations, and leagues.

“We’ve been looking at our live-stream offer for a while and we believe that this now is a perfect opportunity,” said the Dugout Chairman and co-founder, Elliot Richardson. In recent months, our extensive library of quality football footage has kept football fans in touch with us, and as football returns now, we have the chance to bring fans closer to the event on the ground.

“We ‘re working closely with our clubs and publishing partners to share a new and innovative live broadcast offering whether this is a live footage of clubs or videos from the daily lives of players off-pitch.”

The new live stream offering of the club-owned company continues to develop and strengthen its network of publishers to create more fan experiences that combine the video library of Dugout with live content and their editorial works.

Dugout ‘s opening Livestream event was Manchester City ‘s charity sports tournament with actors including Sergio Agüero, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Georgia Stanway, and Ellie Roebuck, as well as Ryan Pessoa, Shellzz and FaZe Tass, FIFA competitors. The event was the first in the world and included The Independent, Corriere Dello Sport, WP Media, Tutto sports and Football Group, among its publishing partners.

“Sports continue to gain growing popularity with engagement rates, and this is an area that we will expand in our new live stream offering. Richardson added. Millions of people streamed our launch event with Manchester City globally and justified our choice of introducing our business to another innovative element.

In addition, Dugout has checked its football streaming capabilities before the announcement by broadcasting live content of pre-match build-up before the returns of the Premier League against Manchester City.

The company Dugout is co-owned by some of the world’s largest clubs, among others Barcelona, Bayern, Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, and Real Madrid, which means that the company could possibly have a long list of live content.