Steel Series to Sponsor Bounty Hunt Feature on Blast Premier Series

SteelSeries, the Danish gaming peripheral maker, is sponsoring the first Dota 2 event by BLAST organizer, named Bounty Hunt.

The collaboration will provide SteelSeries with various branding choices, including the official introduction of all “Bounties,” as well as the provision of SteelSeries headsets in all analysts and casters.

The May tournament will have a $145,000 (€115.00) prize pool to be revealed at the events of the OG Esports, Team Secret, Nigma, NIP, Alliance and Team Liquid. This will be held over five days, from 9 to 13 June.

A dynamic award pool, additional benefits and an interactive fan prediction game will feature BLAST Bounty Hunt. Sponsorship was also revealed for the event last month by online bookmaker Betway. During several gifts planned over the broadcast and social channels of BLAST throughout the tourney, a number of SteelSeries products will also be awarded during the partnership.

Tim Ashton, European Esports Manager for SteelSeries also commented on the deal. “There has been time and again that BLAST has proven that they have what it takes to launch the world’s best-tier esports tournaments and events. This scene is a proud part of our heritage and we can’t wait to see how this exciting new addition is being made by the Dota 2 community. ”

The appeal of a partnership with SteelSeries, which also sponsored BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen last November, is described by BLAST Commercial Directors Leo Matlock: “The partnership offers the two Brands perfect match with BLAST and SteelSeries, who share a strong emphasis on creativity and a passion for the world of esports. With the support of BLAST Bounty Hunt and their heritage of Dota 2, we are delighted to have SteelSeries on board and to offer some exciting ideas for fan engagement in the famous game that viewers come to expect of us.