LG Electronics announces latest esports channel ‘LG Gaming’

LG Electronics UK, a multinational electronics company, has launched LG Gaming, its esports and gaming channel.

LG Gaming will serve the esports and gaming community “with specially tailored content and services” in partnership with a UK esports agency, Kairos Esports.

The channel will also feature a variety and emphasis on gaming content, with unique visual elements that highlight a range of hardware from LG Electronics.

The team leading the launch of LG Gaming Channels will be Kairos Esports, an agency behind Kentucky Gaming Initiative, KFC Gaming. In the next few months, LG Gaming is expected to develop into a new brand with a new visual identity, which will be released soon. More information.

Carolyn Anderson, LG Electronics UK ‘s Marketing Director, said: “Games and esports is one of the most unique and exciting cultures worldwide, and it is extremely critical that we have an inclusive and relevant cultural presence as one of the leading suppliers of esports goods.

“LG Gaming offers us a new way to interact and engage so that we can’t wait to announce some of the activities we ‘re preparing-starting with an update to the settings of our fans.”