Luckbox aims to go public Amid COVID-19 pandemic

Esports bookmaker platform Luckbox has announced plans for the TSX Venture Exchange to be launched.

The decision suggests a performance improvement due to COVID-19 as an accelerating factor.

Luckbox signed with Elephant Hill a letter of intent that would require the capital pool company to buy all outstanding shares of the esports betting site.

Luckbox talks to investors for a short round of funding led by Gravitas Securities and Beacon Securities before the planned public hearing on the TSX Investment Market ..

Quentin Martin, Luckbox CEO, spoke about the decision in a report: “In the past three months, all our main success metrics have passed the roof. We saw an immense improvement across the board in the KPIs. These are clearly tough times for many people worldwide, but for others, it’s a great entertainment of esports and games. “

“We saw a huge interest of potential buyers, as well as a rise in customers and betting activities, who understand that many of the forces that impact traditional sports, not least COVD 19 and a possible recession, are immune to sports.”

“The promise of esports betting is well known and in recent months, this has been put in a stronger light, speeding up numbers. Martin continued. Many fans of traditional sports were first introduced to the passion of sports and hopefully, they like what they see and hang around.