GamersOrigin announce new G-Science partnership

G-Science announced a collaboration with the French sports organisation GamersOrigin that was established in 2014.

In time for GamersOrigin’s European Master, G-Science joined the LFL competition, the leading League des Legends competition in France, as a health and performance partner. GamersOrigin has eight teams in different sports, but in the last few months, its League of Legends team has expanded.


G-Science has revealed that it provided “esports science support” to the organizations’ League team before and during the LFL Playoff Finals in Spring. “We’ve worked with G-Science for more than a month now, and have already been able to witness results in the team,” stated Yann-C├ędric Mainguy, Sports Director at GamersOrigin. We have come back from a breakup and down to win the LFL and have the best possible path to the EUM.

G-Science ‘s article explains how screening “was an excellent opportunity to lay the groundwork for team cultures and values. It is a real opportunity to learn how we can track their everyday lives and work with those professionals.” “Review of the ergonomics and sitting positions of the players also shows that a performance assessment was carried out with areas that are ready for optimisation highlighted. Owing to the current situation with Covid-19, G-Science is in the process of operating remotely.