FATE Esports partners with Orange

The Jordanian FATE Esports organisation has formed a partnership with Orange Telecom Jordan. Once the relationship was formalised, the company partnered with Orange for activities in the last quarter of 2019.

The FATE Esports and Orange agreement involve the establishment of an Esports Training Facility at the Orange Digital Village in Amman, Jordan, as an initiative for Jordan and the Middle East to “develop talent in the area.”


They will continue to host events in Germany and the Mena region, covering titles such as the global attack, Tekken 7, PUBG Mobile, Rocket League, eFootball PES and Dota 2. They will be held in Spain and elsewhere.

In Jordan, Fate Esports is called “Global network of players, managers and creators” with its former competition at BLAST Rising and # HOMESWEETHOME. The French company Team Vitality expanded its Partnership with Orange up to 2021 last year after forming an initial Work Relationship in 2018.