Apex Legends announces farewell to ‘Skull Town’

Apex Legends is about to celebrate its fifth season. The game is building for something bigger with a new legend, a new battle pass, new cosmetics.

Last week we also heard that Kings Canyon Unearthed will feature in Apex Legends. They have changed various aspects, one of the most popular places has also allowed new elements to be incorporated.

Generally, when large updates occur on the game, Apex legends settings generally change and thus players might need to adapt to the new features.

Skull Town is no longer a sanctuary for all Apex lovers. Rather, it will be replaced by new drop locations. The Gaming Merchant made sure it gets a proper send-off, although it was hard to say “goodbye.” He took his post to Twitter to host a great celebration to farewell to the popular Skull town.

The whole lobby gathered around the desert to try their best to send them away before they got back to dust. These moments define a game in its entirety. It’s terrible and wonderful to see how the community stands together. The whole phenomenon was choreographed by the game merchant.

The players liked Skull Town because of a variety of reasons. The loot was mostly that, and a better experience provided the fire fighting. This one actually inspired the highly cutaneous rush gameplay compared to other places. It was also one of the reasons why people despised Skull Town because nobody wants to fight right after they have fallen. Several people were glad that Skull Town was about to be gone. The other half breathed a sigh of peace as the half group arranged a farewell. This variety of views makes gaming communities appropriate and lovely.

Loba, in her quest for Revenant, destroyed the secret plant under Skull City. This illustrates how the plot affects the gameplay directly. However, people wrote “RIP Skull Place” with their electrified fences at the farewell. The time was honest and sincere. Moving on to the next thing, is the beauty of the past.

The version of Kings Canyon Unearthed will be completely reshaped from top to bottom of the Skull City. Perhaps they will make it more exciting than before. The only thing we know now is that it will take a while to normalise the refurbishment in Skull City. Nonetheless, Apex fans look forward to tomorrow being brighter.