Helix eSports and Team Genji merger launches ‘Oxygen Esports’

Oxygen Esports has acquired Team Reciprocity rosters and will play in five esports, which is a modern esports company that has come out of New England.

The organisation was the result of a merger between Helix eSports VR and Team Genji. The team will participate in the following esports, Rainbow Six Siege, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Magic the Gathering: Arena.

Oxygen Esports will be one of eight participants of the latest flights of the US division to be launched at the same time as the current Rainbow Six North American Championship.

Oxygen Esports was able to obtain a spot in the Rocket League Championship Series by obtaining Team Reciprocity rosters. Both Rocket League as well as Rainbow Six Team Reciprocity rosters were very popular and Oxygen Esports was immediately permitted to compete in strong titles. The business also concentrates on the geolocation phenomenon.

Although this model is being pursued by the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, other groups, such as Pittsburgh Knights, have found success linking with the community. It wants to focus on New England for Oxygen Esports.

Helix eSports co-founder Murphy Vandervelde spoke in a press release about this project: “With our Championship teams, we are delighted to breathe new life into New England’s sports scene and build on the region’s winning heritage.”

“For all esports in New England, OXG will create a path-to-path. We can not wait to build our chain, including our soon to open Patriot Location, for Helix eSports Center to build a hub of content, social and competitive environments across the amateur sports scene in New England.”