Global Esports Federation announces partnership with Commonwealth Games

The Global Esports Federation has been announced in Commonwealth Games federation’s “exploratory partnership.”

In the agreement, the Federation must work together on Transformation 2022 regions, the Commonwealth Sports Movement’s strategic strategy.

In particular, initially, they would work together to evaluate and grow ‘sustainable esports resources’ that could support the commonwealth on sport circumstances, policies and actions to encourage equity, dignity and creative approaches to esports.

The Global Esports Federation launched in December last year with sponsorship from the Chinese multinational corporation, Tencent, to become a “global governing body” for the esports ecosystem.

“The CGF has been searching for the systematic means of engaging Esports for some time now, in order to explore how the Commonwealth Sports Movement and its advocacy for the sustainable growth of digital technology, connectivity and trade in the Commonwealth is linked. Dame Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Chris Chan, president of the Global Esports Federation, spoke in a statement about this collaboration, “We are very pleased to embark on this strategic alliance and support the Commonwealth Games Federation. “We are very pleased to join the partnership.”

“This partnership further strengthens the Global Esports Federation’s mission of convening the world’s Esports ecosystem. “This partnership allows us to develop a pathway together for an inclusive, progressive, and visionary future for the youth and the entire Commonwealth – North to South, East to West – reaching across a third of the world’s population.”