Fortnite World cup cancelled and moves to online tournament

Epic Games announced the cancellation, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, of the Fortnite World Cup scheduled for July 2020.

As previously mentioned, this event will be an exciting one for those intreseted in popular Fortnite betting sites which will accept bets on the Fortnite World Cup.

Furthermore, the rest of the calendar year all competitions move online. This covers Fortnite Cash Cups, the Champions Series of Fortnite and all third party events. Last summer, the Fortnite World Cup made media headlines, with Epic Games winning $30 million in solo and duo prizes (£23.8 million).

The cross-regional character of the World Cup makes it impossible to hold all competitions online this year. The developer continued by saying that the organisation hopes that the 2021 event can be held as planned, but takes a cautious approach to the schedule of competitive events.

In the meantime, the fortnite ecosystem will carry on other recurring competitions as scheduled with online competitions. Epic Games is not positive, but the event will take place in late July as planned as event organisers in each sector seek to find out when they will be safe to hold.

Earlier this month, a combined $2 million (£1.62 million) prize pool spanning 7 regions was revealed for the Invitation of the Fortnite Champion Game.