Fortnite founder ‘Epic Games’ announces new $2m Champion Series

After Chapter 2 – Season 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series was announced this weekend, Epic Games revealed a new online invitational tournament.

Invitational for the Fortnite Series Tournaments, up to 600 players per region will be offered and $2 million in prize money (£1.62 million) in all regions will be distributed. In the seven competitive regions: Europe, the NA East, NA West, Brazil, Asia, and Oceania, up to 500 players are invited by Epic Games.

Based on previous events of the Fortnite Champion Series, up to 400 players per region will be invited, with another 100 invited at the discretion of Epic. Another 100 players will qualify for the contest via open qualification events per zone.

The Invitational esports tournament is a Solo Tournament with every player playing individually, unlike the two-player format of the previous Fortnite Champion Stage. Epic Games has consistently sponsored online turnouts across continents, channels, and formats, but there have been no big displays from Fortnite World Cup in Fortnite since last July.

According to Esports Earnings, Fortnite contests have to date granted the third all-time behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Attack, with a profit in excess of $85,1 million ($69 million).

After last weekend, Epic Games has revealed that it will have a new online invitational tournament following the completion of Chapter 2-Season 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series.

The Invitational Fortnite Champion Series will bring in up to 600 players per country, awarding prize money totalling $2 million (£1.62 million) to all regions.

In each of the seven competitive regions of Europe, North East, NA West, Near East, Brazil, Asia and Oceania, the Epic Games will invite up to 500 participants. Based on results at past Fortnite Champion Games, up to 400 players per region will be invited, with an additional 100 invited at the discretion of Epic. About 100 players in each region are qualified to participate through open events.

The Invitational will be a solo tournament with every single player participating, contrary to the duo (two-player) format of the previous Fortnite Champion’s series level. Epic Games has continuously sponsored online tournaments in various countries, platforms, and formats, while Fortnite esports have not had a major showcase since July’s Fortnite World Cup.