Sony Mobile Partners With Call of Duty with World Championships

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship was launched on April 30, in collaboration with Sony Mobile.

Many specifics for the event have still to be revealed, described as a global tournament.

Activision has confirmed that any mobile world championship players who wish to participate in a duty call must be ranked in the Ranged category of the game veteran or higher.

The event will have a total prize package of $1 million (£812,200), although at the time of writing the distribution is unknown. No further information on the World Championships was released at the time of writing, beyond the prize pool and the start date of April 30.

The console iteration of the call of duties that introduced the newly-franchised call of the Duty League in late 2019 is a somewhat different approach. The competition consists of 12 geolocated teams, each with slots worth at least $25 million dollars (20.3 million livres).

Chris Plummer, Vice President Mobile at Activision said, “We are pleased to launch the highly awaited Call of Duty: Mobile competitive tournament. As our favourite fan Rated Play evolution is, this tournament format offers mobile players an opportunity to compete for cash and prize money with players from all over the world.