Ampverse and Unruly partner to grow esports presence

Ampverse has partnered in collaboration with the video specialists, Unruly, and eSports Media company to help brands invest in the esports and gaming market.

In order for Ampverse to help brands better understand the investment they make and the benefit they are likely to get from investing in the relative upcoming opportunity, they are linked to Gaming Talent through brands.

Gaming and eSports have long been happening, but innovation in the channel has only begun to spur recently, apart from technology and telco brands.

According to the Ampverse marketing office head Charlie Baillie, Ampverse has been set up to focus on this and the collaboration with Unruly is one of the next moves to help marketers appreciate the importance of gaming and esports.

Unruly also manages premium video inventories in the country, including SMX, Kompas, Sanook, Oriental Daily, South China Morning Post and gaming sites including IGN. Brands may also use the UnrulyEQ service to maximise the emotional impact, efficiency and productivity of creative people.

“We have seen quick tracking in mainstreaming in sports and gaming due to imposed separation, as Gregory Fournier, Senior Customer Services Vice-president of Unruly says. We have seen millions of new consumers watching sport, play games and connect with large, increasing groups in Southeast Asia, with no live sport that suits our competitive urges.

The collaboration comes at time, as Ampverse estimates that the number of players playing games has been rising by up to 40% in the last 30 days, with gaming content quickly becoming popular and consumption increasingly increasing.