Lazada Indonesia partners with EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports has announced partnerships with Lazada Indonesia, a regional branch of the Lazada Group Global Electronic Commerce Company.

Lazada Indonesia has dedicated itself to support the development of mobile gaming activities in the country in particular. For 12 months, Lazada shall endorse all EVOS Esports operations, including in the events and tournaments attended by the organisation.


Allan Phang joined EVOS Esports as global marketing & ties head after leaving AirAsia Esports. In 2019, over a variety of rounds, the company raised over £7 million.

EVOS Esports co-founder and general manager Hartman Harris talked about the partnership in a press release, and said, “We look forward to working together with Lazada Indonesia.” We are very happy about the deal. EVOS Esports is the leading sports organisation connecting Southeast Asia’s export teams, influencers and fans. EVOS Esports has always been active in increasing the ecosystem of esports, with a total follow up of over 65m YouTube subscribers and 50m Instagram followers and over 350m views each month and we are pleased to create immersive experiences for the esports world together with Lazada Indonesia.