HP OMEN and Movistar Riders further partnership

The Spanish Movistar Riders company has announced that it will extend its partnership with the gaming brand HP, OMEN.

The contract sees OMEN to be main sponsor of the esports team of Movistar, with the brand’s branding on its shoulders.


OMEN, a team partner already, offered Movistar players access to its entire peripherals catalogue as part of the deal. OMEN is present in all of Movistar Riders’ Twitch initiatives, both in its games and in special events as part of the extended contract.

“We are at a key moment for the esports industry,” said Catalina Roa, HP’s Marketing Manager in a statement. Omen signed up to or extended collaborations with many major industries in the last year including Astralis, Riot Games and the nearly 200 million regular viewers.

It tells us that the latest socio-economic trend will not stop evolving with growing rivalry and events based on this market, whether within or outside our borders.