Mad Lions eliminated by MiBR: MiBR going to FlashPoint Grand Final

MiBR eliminated Mad Lions on Tuesday and proceeded to the Grand Final at Flashpoint Season 1. On Tuesday (14th) the best three-game series (MD3) was true for the Upper Bracket final playoffs. The Brazilian team had moments of ups and downs during a balanced confrontation but managed to conquer the finish of the season. In Dust2 the Danes were defeated by the MIBR with 2-1, partial of 16-13, in Train, 11-16, in Mirage and 16-5, with the competition title. The winners are the winners.

Sunday (19) at 17:00, Brasília’s time, the decisive confrontation with the MIBR is anticipated. A game held on Saturday (18) and qualified for the final of the low Bracket will be played between the same MAD Lions and Havu Gaming by your opponent.

The first map was Train, picked by MIBR, and the sequence was already a good sample. After winning the first gun, Crazy Lions started to lead a small way. MIBR then completed four consecutive rounds, and the two teams started shifting the lead on the board. Better for the MAD Lion, which had a little 8-7 advantage, at the end of the first half. As CT, the MIBR was a bit superior, 4k Ignacio “meyern” Meyer was put on the second pistol and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo was saving, after the team had almost won the race. MIBR closed on 16-13 therefore.

At Mirage, the Brazilian team was an excellent start, but the balance on the last map of the match was repeated. MIBR had the potential to gain further advantage, but Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand stopped in good movements. It was necessary to get MAD Lions out of the scoreboard. The successful success of Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe avoided more losses for the Danes at the end of the half. On the side change, the second gun was clutched by FalleN and the win on a Lions forced MIBR to turn. Regrettably, Denmark was still alive and understood how the advancement of the MIBR could be halted and controlled by conflict until 16-11.

Finally, at Dust2, the two teams had another very similar fight. On the MIBR side, FalleN once again rescued his team at decisive moments and left him as a TR with an excellent advantage, finishing the half in 10-5. In the process, MIBR has even greater advantage on the map with a win in the second round of the pistol, a second round of the anti-epoch and a third row of the first armed round. MAD Lions could not be on the map afterwards, so MIBR did the confrontation so closed the account at 16-5 for the final game.

Flashpoint 1 started on 13 March and is scheduled for its major final next Sunday (19). The race, which is represented only by MIBR in Brazil, is in the final stage, the playoffs. The overall bonus pool for Flashpoint’s first season is 1 million dollars (about 5 million pounds).