bruttJ’s family sues former teams ‘Imperial Esports’ and ‘Reapers’

BruttJ, 19 years old, died in December 2019 as a result of “health complications.” A 10-day break had been taken from CSGO and was due to an inflammation of the brain, according to UOL, a Brazilian news website.

Now his family sues his former clubs, Team Reapers and Imperial Esports, for negligence, alleging that the player’s death was due to unsafe living conditions in the team room.

According to UOL news article, after moving to Team Reaper’s house in August 2019, BruttJ suffered “severe headaches, excessive vomiting or loses of vision.” Other players on the team of BruttJ also reported nausea, suspecting that water supply may have caused the problem.

“Many people have a problem with their bowel but we don’t know whether it was due to food or water,” an ex-player said. The difficulties began in November 2019 he traded teams for Imperial.

BruttJ’s mother said that since the house is close to the local airport, the players had difficulty resting and that there was a constant food shortage. The players finally moved out after disclosing issues to the board, but BruttJ died just days later due to complications.

Imperial provided about US$ 150 before sending US$ 1,000 after death, to cover the family’s medical costs. The family, however, claims that the negligence of the two teams has caused bruttJ’s death and both Imperial and Reapers have lodged a worker lawsuit.

“There is plenty of proof that there is no appropriate health conditions in a game house,” the family’s attorney said to the UOL. “There is, above all, much more evidence that the managers didn’t provide the player with healthcare and did not do so when incidents under their control were reported.”