Zenni optics announce esports partnership with esports teams

Zenni announced its extension into esports with a range into collaborations covering various esports names.

In addition to accepting Houston Outlaws and Pittsburgh Knights as partners, the expansion sees the company extend its partnership with Golden Guardians.

In collaboration with its three partners, Zenni will create the content designed to support the whole gambling community and will facilitate visual health awareness such as the blue light blocking technology, Blokz.

In addition, its social media gaming sites will be launched to showcase the games, gifts, joint limited-edition items and other goods relevant to its partners. When live activity continues after COVID-19, the optical retailer plans to extend its operations at gaming events.

The release also mentioned that Zenni wants to continue to ‘develop his roster of influencers,’ which the Pittsburgh Cavaliers and their relationship with Grammy Award-winning rapper Wiz Khalifa are expected to improve.