Esports on the rise as coronavirus lockdown continues

In recent weeks, in a virtual football match against Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, we have seen Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc win the virtual Grand Prix.

We also saw the unveiling of Fifa’s Stay and Play Cup, where 20 players from the largest football clubs in Europe will be participating.

Since ‘natural sport’ is stopped worldwide, both participation and viewing figures have increased as citizens of national mandates have been given worldwide.

It’s a rising industry year after year, and some expect that new isolation policies will provide a boost. “The most fascinating topic at the moment is how mainstream sports use sports simulation to reach out to their fans and to participate in them,” says 7F Sport & Recreation Manager Trev Keane.

The Nuclear Storm Gaming Team of Stuart McAllister has recently won a LAN event at the Join Gaming Arena in Ballymena. There has also been an increasing range of audience figures — from fans who just like watching to players who use the extra time to look forward in the hope of learning some tips and tricks.