Chinese live streaming service ‘Dou Yu’ enters partnership with Method

UK-based ‘Method’ has formed a long-term partnership with the Chinese DouYu live streaming network.

This agreement will be seen on DouYu’s website by Method’s Race for the World First event. Select Method players will also be broadcast live to a Chinese public on the website, but no further details has been released at the time of writing.


The relationship term was not stated in the correspondence. Method was established as a major player in World of Warcraft and hosted its World First Series Race to be the first team to complete new raids successfully.

The company was famous for partnering with Red Bull for such activities, but in July last year it formed an alliance with TaKeTV.

Over the past few years, DouYu has expanded its involvement over Western Esports, much of which after the first day of trade on the Nasdaq, it has earned $775 million (£700 million). The company is funded by the Tencent Chinese conglomerate.