Esports One launches esports platform

Esports One is a startup that makes the world of esports a major opportunity — particularly in the times when the traditional pro sports are at a standstill.

The esports platform, which leaves beta testing today, Co-founder and COO Sharon Winter said is the first “all-in-one fantasy app” for esports.

Which is, it’s not only a place to build a fantasy team for others but also a place to study teams, read news articles and watch live games. And although Esports 1 starts by supporting the League of Legends regions of LCS (North American) and LEC (European), the goal is to encourage a wide range of titles on sport.


Matt Gunnin, the Co-founder and CEO, says that the goal was to create a ‘first and only fantasy destination for sports’ when he launched Esports One in 2017. And while today’s launch has been a multitude of ways to achieve this view, it has since become a data partner for Acer’s Planet 9 and League of Legends publishes.

The business was also one of the first cohort of entrepreneurs to be one of MIT’s Mac-Lab acceleration programme and has the funding of Eniac Ventures and Xseed Capital, which uses MIT and Caltech computer vision programme. Why does a sports business need this level of technology? Gunnin liked it to watch soccer on tv, which includes a virtual yellow line that indicates how much a team has to go in order to make a start.

More precisely, Gunnin and Winter clarified the fact that Esports One’s vision capabilities allow you to monitor your actions in a game while not depending on the Game Publisher’s API — while Gunnin said that they are happy to use an API for training the company’s algorithms as “a key source of truth.”

The company said that although beta, 30,000 active users have already entered the programme – and this does not entail any advertising. And Gunnin and Winter have indicated that there is an even greater potential for the sports world at this time when typical viewers have little to watch.